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tUnE-yArDs – Fiya

Merrill Garbus is an instrumentalist that’s made waves here and in Europe, and I’ll admit some of her stuff might be tough to access for a lot of music fans. It’s hard to say this song’s not beautiful, though, and the second I checked out her last few tweets, and saw she asked her fans what to do having been offered a big sum of money to feature this tune in a telephone commercial, I knew she was an artist worth supporting. She’ll be donating the proceeds to charity…I’d have been cool with her keeping them; asking is cool enough.

Great Songs Talk To You

There’s a shared experience when you really sit down and read something that someone else wrote. That someone else wrote thinking you’d be out there reading it. Not knowing much about you, but trying to share an experience with you or to share an emotion with you.

Everyone Has Their Scale

I called it Two Nine as a tribute to its predecessor. I liked that…besides the obvious nod to the mixtapes it seemed that on rating scale of one to ten, I could justify thinking that I’d pick songs that people would have a hard time saying were a 1. The ten on that scale is a moving target that looks nothing like itself depending on who you talk to. Nobody has the same ten.

A New Music Hunting Project

If you’re unfamiliar with [twenty-nine], it was a project conceived of on my 29th birthday (last year) during the holidays, as I was frequently being asked about the tunes I had been following. Somewhere along the line I realized I’d gotten a reputation of new music hunting, and generally making music a topic of conversation. Whether I deserved that reputation is up for debate, but I realized that I’d been blogging about my life for years and largely didn’t have anywhere to send people when asked about music.

Hip Hop Bananas

Hip hop usually involves artists who make their bananas based on the way they frame their style. Their verbal delivery is a massive part of the way the masses perceive the final message, and more often than not people really aren’t sure what is actually trying to be communicated. Their lyrical speed, the swagger of their inflection…it seems quite often the genre falls victim to the fact that the lead voice is frequently the most interesting instrument being played.

Music Hunting

If you’re ever wondering what people are feeling at the moment you can find out by music hunting and using whatever’s popular at the moment as a decent barameter.

Seriously, look at any digital music popularity tool on a Monday morning, and then take a look at it on Friday afternoon…it’s basically an A to Z reflection of human disparity and jubilation.