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Serving Size Friends

She in turn told me about her attempts to study and capture real information on the way we all behave when thinking about our energy use. Things like our hopes to behave a certain way, and how we actually behave. Her thoughts on how to aggregate data and make use of it were refreshingly relevant to our thoughts around the long tail affect of our work in Vancouver.

Cell Phones, Tea, and Grape Nuts

There’s that St. Patrick’s Day was probably taken very seriously last week, and the NCAA March Madness basketball games were probably on television in all the bars (and condos, for that matter).

It’s not just the sports, though. It’s not just drinking as a sport (which is how I’d characterize my past St. Patty’s Days). Actually, drinking as a sport is something Canadians do well, come to think about it.

Vancouver Interview Tour

Couchbeers (#couchbeers) is a live online video chat, with beer, focused on the Vancouver tech scene. My co-founder Shelly was on two weeks ago talking about Foodtree, so today I’ll probably just focus on SXSW takeaways and experiences. It’s a fun hour-long informal chat…4PM PST or thereabouts. This link.

Ideafreaks As A Modus Operandi

I consider the five days and four nights I spent at South By Southwest Interactive to be the most rewarding and engaging five days I’ve spent anywhere in a long time. Sure, it’s not the same as my annual trip to Upstate New York, (where I get quality time with some thirty cousins and basically get off the grid for a week) because that’s a different kind of payoff.

A Calendar Of Question Marks

Living in the domain of other people is something you get familiar with in college. It’s a unique experience for most; those of you who went to boarding schools or those fancy East Coast prep schools were rocking the roommates even earlier. Maybe boarding schools and prep schools are the same thing, actually…honestly I’m just a Midwest guy who played soccer and passed Calculus.

Olympic Things

Really, though…Vancouver was a tourist destination for two weeks and as such was filled with such nice people and such raging fun that I started to forget that it wasn’t like this all the time. There were a few snafu’s; demonstrators tangling with police, long lines at bars and stores, and my commute definitely became more of a pain, but all in all I feel privileged to have been in town for the whole thing.

We’re All Idiots

I’m fairly confident means that that I’m crazy, and I’ll look back on the whole experience and wonder what lead to my being the kind of guy who would move to a foreign country without a work permit, a place to live, or enough time to really say goodbye to friends and family.

The Edge Of Yesterday

Yet here I was, hopping in a cab because my ride couldn’t outwait an overly inquisitive border patrol, skimming through a city I knew almost nothing about aside from the facts purged from a visitor’s guide I’d received from my adorable mother when plans began to formalize around my move.

On An Island

As a blogger, though, I’ve spent a lot of my written words pushing for a few common endeavors within the community. One of them is transparency; I think blogging is at it’s best when we try to be concise and honest. The other is confidence; I think personal bloggers write themselves towards a voice that represents them, and the more they write the closer we all get to the good stuff.

Oh, Canada

My two week provisional visitor’s visa was almost up. I’d spent all week locking down my very digital and very public life, and reassuring most of my friends and family at home that I was not, in fact, totally insane. I felt as if the whole bureaucratic ineptitude of a nation had decided to throw a tea party at my expense. I was in Canada, but I wasn’t allowed to work…much less build a company from scratch.