Check Your Physics Books /cc @bmann

The lovely and beautiful Rachael Ashe sent this link to myself and Boris Mann, as I’d just posted about finding balance next year and Boris followed suit.

I do think competing forces become a balance, and as a Sagittarius I’m sort of programed to walk around with a lot of competing forces…I just need to figure out which ones actually balance me out…

What they should tell you is to check your physics books. Balance is not rest. It is not quietude. It is what happens when all of the shoving and tugging and swirling and twisting forces in your life are equally matched, and for a moment there is what seems like deep silence but is really the hush in the eye of the storm.

Balance is delicate. It is buzzing with potential falls, screams, hurtles. It is always temporary, for balance is preceded by a struggle and followed by a crash. In between, they were right about one thing. Beauty reigns.

via Utata: Tribal Photography.

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