(chili’s and stars)

d’s guide to avoiding ridicule on a thursday.

rule #1: make every attempt to avoid getting roped in to being a Cougar Star.

rule #2: if abiding by rule #1 doesn’t work out, do NOT let your buddies find out about it beforehand.

this is taken from a local high school website – where one of The Screaming Knuckleheads* is a math teacher:

Have you ever wanted to see Mr. K do the tango? How about Mrs. M doing old school hip hop? Come to Dancing with the Cougar Stars on Thursday, February 7, at 7:30 p.m., and you’ll see them and more! Tickets go on sale today in the cafeteria during all lunch periods for $5.00. It will be a night that you will not forget!

a night you will not forget INDEED.

rule #3: if all else fails, you may as well just fake injury, because we’re carpooling, and we’ll be there early to get seats right up front. we’ll even make plans to eat at chili’s afterwards (for the full on high school suburbia evening extravaganza).

oh, and we’ll rally ten people to join us.

i’m just saying.

*again, TSK is what i’ll be calling my core group of guy friends on this blog. it used to be ‘the band’ until we actually named ‘the band’. at some point i’ll stop explaining this.

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