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i have complained about js-kit’s commenting system since haloscan disappeared.

if that sentence bores you to death, or doesn’t make any sense to you, just skip this post.

haloscan was great and fine and less awkward than blogger’s commenting system, which is why i used them. also tony pierce has always used blogger and haloscan and he always said use the stuff that’s free and easy.

but then haloscan joined up with js-kit and not only does that company have a ridiculous name but their website is so goddamn confusing it’s like trying to interpret a woman.

sorry, jskit/js-kit, but when i embark on tasks that resemble the challenge of trying to interpret the nutty things that women do and say, i do so in the interest of improving the chances of my celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary with someone.

i certainly don’t do so in the interest of monitoring my blawg comments.

but part of me wants to do so in the interest of responding to the wonderful people who comment on my blog. you know, to interact with the people who are awesome enough to take part of their downtime and spend it thinking about things with me.

yeah, a big part of me wants to interact with those people, actually. a big part of me and i’m not a big guy.

so i think in short i have to find a better solution, because not only is the whole system pissing me off but one of signals i’m using to buy into the assumption that it’s pissing off my readers is that the commenting on this blog has gone down noticeably.

i didn’t even link you in this post, js-kit.

didn’t. even. link you.

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