(comments and whisky)

one of the cool things about having a blog is hearing from people that they enjoy what you write.

it’s a challenge, sometimes, to write, and it’s even tougher to try to find the truth or core of your experiences and then pair up the words that might demonstrate that truth to someone who wasn’t there.

but to me, that’s the challenge of communication in general, and writing like this is an exercise in overcoming those difficulties. it’s gratifying to do that successfully, and while i certainly know i don’t always succeed at composing a compelling retelling of my thoughts or my life, i’m encouraged to know that every once in a while i do.

so when i’m out in the offline world, where i spend time with some of you, and you mention something i’ve written and you refer to it with any sort of respect or even familiarity, it truly warms my heart.

you see, i don’t always know who’s reading, and i don’t expect anyone to read regularly, because while this blog is a part of my life, it needn’t be a part of yours for us to be close and relate. i rarely mention my own blog as it is, and i should think that’s way my friends would like it.

no one needs a repetitive self-promoter, right?

but for those of you who are reading, i just want to say thanks, because it’s an honor to have your eyes.

today after a wonderful play at the steppenwolf theater, my sister mentioned my blog and a comment she’d left here last month, attached to the post i wrote about her christmas gift. she asked if i’d seen it, and because i hadn’t, in the past, received notifications when a comment is left here (i’ve now changed that, of course), i hadn’t see it, and i wasn’t aware of how the whisky glasses i’d ordered for her from scotland were performing.

this was her comment:

It was like tasting scotch for the first time, indescribable. I finally found the cherries, vanillas, and maples, the peatiness, woodiness, and pines I had only fleetingly scented before. They came through finally as solid features, pillars of sensation. Each scotch tells a story and now I am able to listen directly. I immediately purchased three of my old favorites and found to my dismay that I absolutely hate one of them. But my all time favorite, the Lagavoulin 16 exalted and was exalted. I cannot thank you enough.
Nancy | 01.04.08 – 3:46 pm | #

i was happy to learn she reads the blog. ‘happy’ isn’t the right word…’honored’ really is. people throw that word around sometimes, but i do mean it. it impacts me when people i respect and love take the time to read my (mostly bone-headed) take on things.

and i was simultaneously pleased that she was so happy with the glasses.

yay for successful gift giving!

so, in short (or in a long-winded round-about post), my dear readers: thanks.

all of you.

just thanks.

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