(couch wrote a book)

based on some life changes i’ve explained, the blog’s been a bit lacking (i’ve had people tell me this in bars, no joke) and more importantly, the blog reading’s been lacking.

every time i’m about to see one of your wonderful chicago bloggers i’m always worried i’ve missed something. take the fact that i was late to the ‘chicago bloggers are dating’ news.

anyway, one of my absolute favorite bloggers and the person i first ate pho with, couch, published a book!

an excerpt from her announcement:

This is the first step in a very specific life plan I have to write a bunch of books on financial aid, establish accompanying scholarship programs designed for single parents, and help as many economically disadvantaged students as I can connect with aid programs that will help them earn a college degree. Though there are any number of good reasons to focus on this cause – education is one of the factors proven to break the cycle of poverty; students with a college degree are statistically more likely to start businesses, volunteer, stay out of jail, give back to their community, and raise kids that do the same; those with a four-year degree earn an average of $1 million more in their lifetime than those who don’t; etc. – the real reason is that my sister and I were both lucky enough to have a mom who made college an expectation, even when it was economically tough on her. Knowing what I know about financial aid now, it could have been less tough. Had we been aware of the thousands upon thousands of aid programs out there, we probably could have had financial help but frankly, we were all uneducated about the process like most families are.

If possible, I’d like to change that or at least start changing that. I think the book will help and in order to get that project off the ground, I’m pretty sure I will have to shut this one down. As a friend recently said, “Nobody’s going to take you seriously if they know you sometimes photograph people’s cracks.” Check and mate.

So while Post-gradnothing.com has been a fantastic experience and I’ve met some amazingly wonderful people from it, I’m going to have to hang up writing about my own awkwardness in favor of a project way bigger than this.

Thanks for being so awesome for the past four years,


couch invited me to a backstreet boys concert on saturday because she knows how funny i would probably find that.

that, in a nutshell, is why it’s awesome to be a blogger.

buy her book.

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