(d answers)

a few of you asked me some questions.

courtney:   you’ve gotta be a goal-oriented kind of guy, am i right? i’m guessing you’ve got an entire list, but what are the top two or three?

and following on that, where do you see yourself in a year? or five?

d: personally, i’d like to run as many marathons as my father did.  i’d like to write a fiction book.  professionally, i’d like to use my passion for and collegiate training in the ways humans relate to computers to push tech’s usefulness to people further.  geographically, i’ll always follow my heart and my gut…usually the two get along pretty well.  in a year i see myself either happy i’m living in a warmer place or slightly more bothered than i am right now at the persistence of chicago winters.  in five years i see myself i see myself longing for another puppy and head over heels in love.

cari:  what would MAKE said blogger hot and sexy?

d: bloggers are hot and sexy when they write what they’re thinking instead of thinking about what to write.  they’re hot when they take pictures of the things they see.  they’re sexy when they trust their craziest ideas because usually those are the original ones.  they’re hot and sexy when they aren’t afraid to be themselves they have the confidence to chase down the words they think will best represent their uniqueness.

nicopolitanThis is actually a very important question in my eyes:  Are you a: beer, shot, cocktail, or liquor kinda guy?

d: i’m afraid i’m an “all of the above” kind of guy.  i prefer laphroaig, cab and petite syrah grapes, india pale ales, and jameson.  i’m picky about my drinks, and i don’t apologize for it.

so here’s my question for you guys:

who’s your favorite blogger?  nobody can say dshan or themselves.

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