this is the first time i’ve moved a blog and actually asked readers to join me.

it’s way easier to just ditch the old and move on the with the new.  remember that.

a lot of you bloggers out there have done it yourself, but damn if it isn’t tough to remember all the different ways that people might be reading your blog.  facebook, a feedreader, twitter, email, and the best way; plugging your web address into their web browsers.

oh, and then sometimes you move everything and fly to san francisco and realize the whole site is down and giving off a big fat error so that everyone you’ve invited to your new party finds out they aren’t on the guestlist and invariably heads to another nightclub.

i guess the whole fiasco is better than the crap you women have to deal with online…too many of the greatest/funniest/hottest/cleverest/generally awesome female writers are stalked by boys with nothing better to do and they gotta go undercover or disappear altogether.  totally unacceptable, fellas.

oh and as for the ‘name change’, which i’ve been asked about a little more than i’d expected; i’m down with whatever you think works.  i have always sort of gone by ‘d’ (pronounced Dee, for those of you missing basic sense) or ‘dshan’ offline, so i thought mapping my worlds a little might pay off in the long run.  when you get over the initial shock in learning that no, my friends don’t call me “dblogged” i think you’ll realize “dshan” rolls off the toungue a little better.

but whatever.

call me whatever you’d like to call me.

as long as you call me.

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