(dial tone)

tomorrow will mark a full week without my telephone.

you phone is the thing laying around your apartment you probably take most for granted.  you probably just used it…it was probably one of the first things you looked at when you woke up this morning to check the time or see if someone hot texted you late doors after you fell asleep.

it’s probably also serving as your method of telling time.

it is those things for me too…under normal circumstances i’ve got that thing on my hip all day long.  too much, admittedly, which is something that seven days in the pre-cell phone era will show you real quick.

during the week i’m in the office most of the day so i’ve got a landline and i’m in front off all you digital mavens so i’m not really cut off.  it’s leaving the office that requires some sort of plan ahead of time, because when i’m gone, i’m off the grid.

i actually made plans thursday and friday to watch the basketball games that included a time to meet up, a specific place to meet up, and a promise not to change plans.

and i had to get to the right place at the right time or i risked floating around town alone instead of with friends.

so weird.

i thought i’d have my phone yesterday, thanks to the bay area ladyfriend who got it to UPS before she took off for asia on wednesday.

yeah, asia.  can we all thank her for running that errand for me prior to take off?  thanks.

but it’s not here yet, and i’m navigating a weekend without a phone, which is liberating in one way, and slightly frustrating because i’m so reliant on connecting with people while i can.

maybe i’ll just go hole up for the weekend and think about changing the world.

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