Digitally Savvy Stand Outs

Lately I’ve had some incredible conversations and brainstorms that threaten to blow the roof of my brain off.

That’s saying something for a guy with such an enormous head…a guy who had to surround himself with friends who could see past the huge mellontopper and realize not only was I basically a nice guy but the big head wouldn’t rule out pulling doors that were meant to be pushed every once in a while.

Rather than spend the next two hours trying to convey all the amazingly saucy ideas coming my way, I want to just take you on an incomplete tour of some of the Digital Rockstars I’ve had the good fortune to know in one form or another.<more>

Please know that this is in no way a complete list.  I have like ten minutes at the moment.

Lisa Farlow (blog | twitter) – A lot of my digital roads start with Lisa, and that’s because she was the young lady inspired by a lack of community to start 20 Something Bloggers on a whim.  Together, over the past year we’ve built what is quickly becoming the top online destination for digital twenty somethings to find community and new friends.  She’s teaching underpriveleged kids math and science in Africa this summer and, I’m sure, sorely missing the “plugged in” life.

Nicole Antoinette (blog | twitter) – Nicole and I met in and around the 20SB community, but became a lot closer as we launched our co-charitable endeavor to build the world’s first 20 Something Freshwater Well with Charity: Water.  Nicole’s got a heart the size of a rhino and the smarts to back it up, and her enthusiasm for the potential of young adults is insatiable.  HandsIn, her twenty-something charity is the first of its kind and a beautiful project.

Jun Loayza (blog | twitter) – Jun is the living, breathing story of an entrepreneur.  The second I saw his projects, including Viralogy and his Awesome Revolution, I sort of wanted to be him.  He’d interviewed Lisa, and shortly thereafter Lisa and I got a chance to chat with him about the future of 20 Something Bloggers.  Aside from putting a face on the kind of people this post is about, Jun’s been pushing hard to realize his own dream of entrepreneurship and business success, which in my opinion is exactly why he’ll succeed.  His work ethic is incredible.

Tony Nicalo (blog | twitter) -Tony and I have been friends for a while since we met on a soccer field, but he’s an idea freak like I am, and we’ve had many brainstorm conversations about a myriad of topics.  His Farmstead Wines startup is a completely fresh take on choosing wine, and at a deeper level his dedication to bending industry and human behavior towards principles like authenticity, honesty, and sustainability are inspired by core values.  Imagine that…businesses founded on real principle!

Bradley Will (blog | twitter) – If you’re following me on twitter you’ll know I had a great conversation with Brad today that inspired this post.  The guy’s infectious fervor for motivation and empowering young adults to start ambitious projects to change the world in unparalleled.  He’s a coach and strategist by trade, but he’s also a thought leader and his connective personality will influence the shape our digital communities take down the road.

Amanda Mooney (blog | twitter) – Amanda’s been a champion of the 20 Something Bloggers community at its intersection with the corporate world.  She’s not alone (I’m looking at Allie, Jess, Jenn, Jamie, and many others) but she’s been tireless in her efforts to bring real engagement to the personal blogging community.  Edelman Digital is lucky to have her.

Who else?

Who should I get to know?  Who’s doing really cool things out there?

Leave your Digital Rockstars in the comments!

Photo by Hamed Saber

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