(donations make the happy)

your support in our kickball charity efforts this week has been overwhelming.

it’s always so warming to see people you’d never have guessed would put forward some dough for a good cause go ahead and put it forward.

i like people.

if you wanna get a last minute donation in, hit it here.

in particular, i want to thank nilsa, jenn, and tink for being such truly wonderful women and being the kind of bloggers who’d drop a few bucks for another blogger’s charity efforts. (update! thanks to ex-everything as well!)

through facebook and twitter a whole ‘nother batch of you wonderful people sent money our way, and it all adds up to some serious goodness in the world that the major media outlets would have us believe is all doom and gloom.

speaking of which…are you following me on twitter?
are we friends on facebook?
are we friends on friendfeed?

are you following me around while i walk around wicker park? cuz i think that’s the point at which i’d be happy…like the verizon commercials but with a network of blog readers.


i know.

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