(#dontgo movement)

are you watching this #dontgo situation on capitol hill? yesterday i tweeted about it a bit, but the short story is this: nancy pelosi, speaker of the white house, adjourned congress on friday at around 11:30am for a five week vacation period on the hill. she did so while congressmen were yelling at her to allow the floor to vote on an energy resolution…those in the camp pulling for offshore drilling allowances were making a ruckus.
she closed up shop and forced CSPAN to shut off their cameras. she even turned out the lights!

then a mostly republican (all GOP possibly…i’m not sure) contigent stuck around and made very emotional speeches regarding the issue, and vowed to call everyone back from vacation to vote on the issue.

a few of the party members began twittering. a few in the room began taking video and posting it to qik.com, a site that lets you upload video directly from your cell phone. john culberson was tweeting the whole thing, as were robert bluey and pete hoekstra. eric cantor launched a petition site at callbackcongress.com and the whole thing started to spread.

the short of it is detailed on the flatcreek blog, along with some links to follow if you want to take a side in the issue. the action and twittering (using the hastag #dontgo) can be followed at www.dontgo.us.

mccain threw his hat into the ring. moveon.org is getting involved.

i’m obviously not pushing an agenda here…just pointing out a terribly interesting development in this country that you really wouldn’t know was happening if you got your news from the main stream media.

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