(drink under a vanished moon)

last night chalise and i did some real catching up, rather than drunk as skunks catching up.

we went to cleo’s in the ukranian village, and sat around a big long table with seven other people in a scene right out of a dialogue-centric movie made by woody allen or richard linklater.

the table was filled with local hipster-ish people, all of whom i’ve had the pleasure of meeting before, and all of whom we’ve had some really fun fly-by-night experiences with…underground record label launches, backyard barbeques…really good people.

a chunk of the night was just cha and i, catching up on the last two months, and hashing out her distress at the status of her current love life.

if you get a chance to move to the virgin islands for two months, i can confidently say you probably should.

her mornigns were spent snorkeling, and her favorite local establishment served full lobsters for $15 and followed that up with the “best dance party i’ve EVER seen”, as she put it.

this from a girl who’s seen a LOT of dance parties.

for about an hour we were hopping up to step outside to the back porch, checking in on the status of last night’s total lunar eclipse, which, of course, had to happen on the coldest evening in two weeks.

and the highlight of which was really the fact that regulus and saturn were such a bright frame to the whole thing.*

after a swamped week, and fighting the onset of a slight cold, our get-together was really a late and somewhat brief bite to eat.

but that’s exactly what i missed.

the quick meetups for a bite or a cocktail. the immediate access to my sister-in-effect.

now, since we spent a lot of time discussing love and relationships, i’m left with an inquiry to throw at you. it’s a timeless question, and one i’d love to know your thoughts on…regardless of your romantic status at the moment.

do you believe in a single soulmate? and no matter if you do or don’t…how do (or did) you know that someone is the forever person for you?

*i say that like i knew those two bright star looking things were regulus and saturn, which i didn’t until i found that article i linked. i feign intelligence with the best of ’em.

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