Entitlement and Music

The amount of entitlement on the web is pretty impressive, perhaps this is because it’s unnatural to imagine real people on the other end.  The Hype Machine gets tons of complaints because you can’t download, or organize music into playlists for easy [free] subsequent listening.  Each time we get one, I wonder if we are missing out on some future where all music is limitless and free, but something tells me it will be a bit more complicated than that.

via Anthony Volodkin is Fascinated: We were astounded at the entitlement that people….

I am certainly one of these people, walking around with a sense of entitlement around free music. Yet I actively support music and musicians however I can…which somehow for me excuses myself from paying for music in a lot of cases.

I post this because I don’t accept the notion of that first sentence; that there’s a disconnect to the real people on the other end. I think it is, to borrow a phrase, more complicated than that. I endeavor to put money in the hands of musicians, but I balk at putting it there just to determine whether or not I like their music.

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