(erin and me)

i mentioned a crush earlier this week, to some confusion as to that person’s location.

she’s not in new york, although that doesn’t mean i don’t love you new yorkers, because in fact i do. every time i’m in new york i have a blast and eat awesome food really late at night and see really beautiful girls.

after i wrote that post i got text from the girl i’ve been crushing on:

“who is your crush in ny? do tell.”


so i clarified, to her and to you.

and yeah, she knows and no, she’s not interested. i know, i know…i never said i wasn’t into crazy women, right?

but then i got to thinking about the fact that i do, actually, have a crush in new york. i spend nearly every day with her, in fact, and we mostly talk about finance and the markets unless i’m complimenting her for being so pretty.

erin is one of the only people on earth that can say things like “we’ve had the biggest bank failure in the history of the world this morning” and still put a smile on my face.

i mean, she’s hot.

and she’s not just pretty. she talks finance and that makes me want to lay around on lazy sundays with her.

based on this note, which she probably wrote to get my attention, she’s got expensive tastes. which i can deal with because who doesn’t like women who use words like “edify” and “mortgage backed securities”?

fridays are sad, because erin’s not around again til monday. and that’s just crazy.

so this little chicago crush has some competition, in the end.

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