below is a little nod of appreciation i received from angelaboration.

head on over to her blog and thank her profusely for me? please?

she didn’t only hit up our good blog-buddy nilsa on a day when some positive feedback was needed; i’m in that same boat today. being a superhero is a thankless job, if no one’s warned you.

i’m going to give this award to dan mega*, for a few reasons.

his blog’s hilarious.

he’s concise and to the point.

he’s got me in his blogroll as “d- not big d”.

his style’s being mimicked all over the blogs i read; i know i’ve been guilty of it.

and also he’s nabbed himself a girlfriend, which i think is the right of every Excellent Blogger.**

rock on mr. mega.

*mega, if you already got it; my bad.

**excluding yours truly, apparently.

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