ah, facebook.

lately i’ve been spending a bit more time on facebook.

i’m not sure how it works in your world, but the lucky young lady who was voted class president of our high school class gets charged with the enviable task of organizing our class reunion(s).

so on the eve of our ten-year reunion, she’s become a bit daunted by the prospect of tracking down 700 people she hasn’t talked to in a decade.

i don’t blame her.

in a few years, this won’t be difficult, because everyone a few years younger than us has been quite religiously dedicated to keeping their facebook page active and updated…the whole facebook craze was a little late for my crew.

i volunteered to help out, and to take the reins on our online outreach efforts, because i think we can all agree i’m pretty active online in general…when the organizer in question asked how to make a group on facebook i decided it’d be best for me to just handle it.

which brought me to the second immediate hurdle this whole thing will face (the first being that our generation isn’t necessarily ON facebook or the other social networking sites to begin with); our highschool doesn’t exist anymore.

that’s right…a few years after i graduated, they split our rather large highschool into two highschools on opposite ends of town, and renamed both.

so on facebook, a pretty easy network connection is completely non-existent.

ah, facebook.

your utility is thwarted.

what we’re left with, at this point, is a list of the 50 or so individuals who had the inclination to affiliate themselves with the highschool that occupies the same building as the highschool by another name we attended.

so i have a whole bunch of new facebook friends that i haven’t heard from in ten years.

and i’m short about 600 people who could literally be anywhere in the world right now.

talk about a haystack.

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