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today is my longstanding favorite blogger’s birthday.

tony pierce is 102 years old and he’s the original inspiration for my (arguably boneheaded) foray into writing in front of you frequently.

i’m in no way alone in that, judging by his facebook page which has so many birthday wishes you have to click “see more posts” on his wall just to read them all.

way back in the day i was writing a blog called psychoticnormalcy and i was a terrible writer because i was putting on a show for myself because i saw how cool tony pierce was and i wanted to seem that cool when i displayed myself publicly.

i was in self-publishing’s junior high school; i was awkward and i was a caricature of myself.

tony had creative training and he’d been surrounded by creative people and he had a good 80 years on me so eventually i tried to stop emulating him directly and to just follow his advice: just keep on writing and writing and writing.

one day i left psychoticnormalcy dormant and i never went back.

it was a time full of change for me and while there’s a lot of beautiful stuff buried in that compositional grave i just had to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. i wanted to take a stab at something more open and less anonymous…something that could take part in my life offline. which is where we stand today.

when i can’t figure out what the hell to write i frequently read a few of tony pierce’s posts and i immediately know what to write.

which in a weird way isn’t necessarily just a referral to tony’s blog, which flat out isn’t for everyone (chalise told me once it just wasn’t her style) but it’s moreso a recommendation to pay attention to writers who tweek you mentally.

especially bloggers.

because a good book is one thing. whether it’s eggers or murakami or vonnegut or bukowski or fucking harry potter…most people have some literary elation that stays on their radar in between novels or tomes. you grab each new publication on or near its release date. you dig an author or a magazine or a columnist.

the difference with bloggers is that if you’re lucky to find one that turns your gears…

…you get new shit every day.

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