(first place)

this seems like a good time for a bracket update, because i’m winning my bracket, and that’s the kind of thing that doesn’t always remain true for very long.

of the sweet sixteen teams, i have 12 right.

i didn’t pick villanova, west virginia, xavier, or western kentucky.

yeah; i did pick davidson. they’re really the reason i’m in first place.

some other notable picks (i feel like this will be my last chance to brag, so bear with me):

first round: villanova over clemson, western kentucky over drake.

second round: obviously, davidson over georgetown. i mean stephen curry over georgetown.

that kid has scored 55 of his 70 points in the second half.
nice weekend, kid.

so going forward,

unless he can do it again against wisconsin,

i’m a little nervous about my lofty seat atop our pool.

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