(football on flatscreens)

eighteen months ago, i lied to best buy and was wrong about the chicago bears:

that trip shopping yesterday was completely unsuccessful.

i came home with the same gift cards plus one. made a return and ended up with a gift card because best buy has a thirty day return policy honestly who knew best buy had a thirty day return policy? i don’t know that until i was second in line at the return center and i froze and realized it wasn’t even close to thirty days but i wanted cash so i tried to come up with a plan.

i smiled real big but i didn’t lie even though it crossed my mind that maybe not having a receipt would work to my advantage. i did have a receipt and i never, ever, lie or at least i’ve never lied in best buy so i gave her my receipt and said do with me what you will.

and she gave me another gift card and i felt the irony of another gift card might be lost on her so i walked around best buy with this gift card burning a hole in my pocket and convinced myself out of buying everything i saw because you can always beat best buy on price…just search the internet.

which is what i did today while on a listen-only conference call. i hit up the internet, and i finally got myself a television to rival all televisions and i got a dvd player and i got a receiver to make it all work together and i still have a gift card to best buy.

tonight i’m at a friend’s watching the monday night game which is going to end all talk of drew bledsoe being a quality quarterback and the dallas cowboys being one of the top teams in the nfc.

not that it really matters.

because the bears are gonna go undefeated and win the super bowl.

next time i say something that stupid, please put me on a timeout.


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