so far.

still lots of tasty asians. (thanks for the racist support, lovers)

beautiful day filled with working while eating fruit and granola and looking out over a foggy ocean crossed with fisherman and middle aged women walking hastily in underarmor. breakfast lasted nearly two hours and i felt retired.

i’m looking forward to retirement.

we’ve spent the last few hours wandering around downtown san diego, where apparently everyone is a tourist. no one lives here. we’re actually the most acclimated people in san diego, by all measures, giving out directions and sharing insights into where the action might be later tonight.

now we’re supposed to be at the hard rock hotel, walking past lines into their savvy little club and the newer sexy scene in town…but we’re listening to spoon and dancing in our hotel room.

some very nice people have offered to give us access to this beautiful city, and we can’t seem to get our asses out of the hotel.


i bid you adieu.

it’s time to see what southern california’s made of.

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