(getting ready to ride)

twenty something” was added to alltop, which is a topic aggregator site that displays relevant online ‘stuff’ in the vein of specific subjects. kinda cool! it appears they’ve sourced the displayed blogs from 20SB.

Alltop, all the top stories

i feel very lucky to have been one of the blogs displayed there.

my head’s spinning with my TO DO list before the roadtrip, in the way that makes me paralyzed into accomplishing what feels like ZERO and seeing time FLY BY.

i did take branner to the pet store yesterday to get him a travel crate that’ll last his lifetime*, some toys, and a long outdoor leash thing so he can chill outside while we’re grilling up burgers at the lake…putting the puppy first makes me feel like a true dad.

as for me, well, i’m about as ready to leave as amy winehouse is sober. i have an unassembled dog crate in my back seat, a set of golf clubs that aren’t mine in the truck, and i just agreed to grab a drink with brady** after work, because we can all agree that’s going to move me closer to packed and ready to go.

Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

*does anyone need a medium sized travel crate for pets up to 21 inches tall? because i might know where you can get one for cheap.

**a big congratulations to brady for having bought a new condo AND sold his current condo, all within the last two weeks. he is living proof that the real estate market is alive, and that some of my friends are responsible, contributing to society-type adults. he’s also for sale on the love market…ladies***.

***it’s been longer than i’d like to admit that i’d hoped to sneak “…ladies” into a post. check that one off the TO DO list.

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