you were such a great blogger.

you were this random person in a random town that’s not a town i know a lot about. you were dark and brutally honest and you had problems and you talked about them openly.

you were what blogging needs; less pointless information, less fluffy crap, no recipes, more freedom, more honesty, more confidence, and more pictures.

you didn’t write every day. when you wrote it was like a cup of coffee after four days without the fix.

it was often an outburst…a cry for insight or clarity, a cry directed up into the sky for some mental and emotional breathing room. it was never, this is what i think…it was most often, seriously what the hell do you think?

your blog had sadness and sexy, artfulness and a jerky randomness that all great authors and bloggers are able to keep around so that we’re still interested and engaged and wondering.

and now you’re gone, and you’re hard to replace.

you’re one of the people who made this form of expression interesting and you’ve left it behind you. you walked away both because of it, and because of you, and i get that and you get to make that decision, just like the rest of us do.

i just hope you realize that we miss you.

or i miss you.

i’m not sure about everyone else because i haven’t asked them.

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