(grammy sunday)

i don’t think i’ve watched the grammy’s in a few years, but lately i’ve been paying a lot of attention to music in general, and i happened to turn the tv on right when they started last night.

it was really entertaining.

it was a grammy’s show that reminded me of the days when i’d know exactly when the grammy’s were and who was performing and i’d be all geeked out by it.

back when it was all crap.

i’m not saying the grammy’s doesn’t have its crap and big media and big label blah about it.

cuz it does.

but it was great to see u2 fall on their face, uninspired, and jay-z step up to class it up with chris martin. say what you will about kanye but he and estelle outdid katy perry with a stripped down performance of a song i think does more for kanye than it does estelle.

all in all i gotta give the show a thumbs up, especially when i look back at the last few years.

and man radiohead knocked the roof off.

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