no, not love handles.

although there’s nothing wrong with love handles, which is why we call them love handles because they’re for lovers.

at the moment, though, i’m talking about the process of moving away from “dblogged” and towards “dshan” and finding that task to be quite difficult.

i want your help.

someone out there, predictably, has taken the “dshan” handle on a number of social media networks and tools; the most notable being twitter.


hi, Dshan.  yes, it is coolldd.  and my fist is clenched.

you’ll notice that Dshan has written four words on twitter ever and he or she gets to be me.  it breaks my heart.

and yes, i’ve emailed twitter asking them to release the handle but understandably the folks at twitter have better things to do.

it’s not just twitter, so that’s not my point.  my point (finally, you’re thinking) is that i need some feedback from all of you as to how i should handle this.

i need a fallback handle.

i’ve seen it handled lots of ways, but i want you to tell me what the best way is.  the most elegant way.

do i go with “dshan_me” on sites where “dshan” is already taken?

do i go with “d_shan“?  “dshanme“?


how about “xdshanx“?  or “dshanbringsallthegirlstotheyard“?

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