(happy easter)

i was in the car to the suburbs at nine am on sunday to have breakfast with my parents, my aunt, my sister and her boyfriend.

it was brighter than normal and my head was nearly split down the middle because i’d been to milwaukee and back for a good friend’s bachelor party the day before, a great trip with old friends and baseball and sunshine and a surprisingly impressive stretch by yours truly in a cornhole tournament.

it was early, but the sunday morning radio is always quirky and entertaining and the sun was adament about the day’s potential.

i’d forgotten the family was headed to a quaint nearby hotel for brunch.  i remembered when i saw our dining room table unprepared for a sit down, and got excited about food more than worried about who was cooking it.

my aunt looked really great, as she’s the one who lost my uncle joe a short bit ago.  mom and her are peas of the same pod, and i’d have love more time to catch up but her flight was early and that will have to wait until our annual excursion to upstate new york.

my sister and her boyfriend are all caught up on Lost and hadn’t seen the last episode so i had to bite my tongue.  very not easy.  not easy at all.

i watched the masters for a bit after brunch, at home with my sister and my father, before i had to scoot off to feed the puppy and get some rest.

i saw the easter bunny, outside the hotel baker, where we had brunch.  just lazily waving to cars passing by, like a six foot tall rabbit needs to wave for attention.


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