(he made a list)

there are a few open bl-issues i want to clear up this morning. bl-issues = blog issues = issues raised by my blog.

you see, i operate in the realm of semi-anonymity in the sense that “d” is a mythical creature with a low-profile job. oh, and an active sex life.

hopefully you like this unicorn of a man i’ve created.

but in all seriousness, working in a public, yet vailed, medium is challenging and rewarding, because the things i write come back to me in phone conversations, bars, and all over the net. my blog feeds into a number of different online locales, the most explicit being facebook, which is the one place i do feel i can control who sees what.

so people in my life read this stuff, and if you’re a blogger, you know sometimes you make new friends from other blogs as a corollary to blogging. the people i know and the people i sort of know, in a lot of cases, have questions about certain things i write.


so i’d like to clear a few up.

  • branner got his name from branner hall, my freshman dorm. professor john casper branner, a geologist, was stanford’s very first faculty member, so technically my dog’s named after an intelligent individual…not a cesspool of drunken make-out sessions.
  • i’m not pining for my ex-girlfriend. in fact, beyond hoping she’s really happy, i am in a great place about our relationship, which ended many months ago. i haven’t seen or spoken to her in a few months. the downside of writing about an ex is the natural speculation it sparks for readers. i didn’t start writing about her until i felt a peace with the whole experience, and i did so mostly because i think a lot of my readers might take something away from the long road kate and i took to get past one another.
  • summercamp, the music festival i bartend each year, is going to be a solo affair, unless braden can find a cohort to make it a threesome. there’s no room for another worker in chalise’s absence, per management, so either i’m rolling down there alone or someone laid-back and able to buy a ticket will kick it with brady while i’m slingin’ the sauce. apologies to everyone who was interested in working the fest…it’s out of my control!
  • cha-rule is moving to san diego, which i actually first noted in the comments of ex-everything’s blog. this is less a bl-issue as just an issue for this blog’s writer. i think the best word to summarize the why of this move is “pursuing“, and i think now is as good a time as ever to get on with pursuing sh*t.

any other questions, concerns, or comments i should be aware of?

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