(hey karma, let’s dance)

i woke up this morning and decided that i wanted to go to lollapalooza.

i didn’t just decide that i wanted to go to a specific show.

or maybe just get a day in this weekend.

i up and decided that i wanted to get a weekend pass and be outside all weekend listening to music.

this is something people usually decide before today.

it made me realize that i really do enjoy being spontaneous and impulsive. it’s in my blood.

it also made me realize that i was risking getting ripped off by going into the market and trying to secure a last-minute weekend pass.

but i talked to a young lady who offered me a weekend pass at face value if i’d drive way out to the northwest side of the city to pick it up.

i asked her why she was selling it.

her brother works for C3 Presents…who is presenting, well, lollapalooza. he got her 12 weekend passes. she was selling half of them.

she was really hot and wearing the shortest skirt i’ve seen in a year.

a school-girl skirt and no i’m not embellishing or kidding.

she had a sexy accent.

i just got a text from a girlfriend who bought a pass down at the entrance that was, in fact, fake. she lost $200.

we all know how my luck has been.

are we worried?

assuming i get in, follow my weekend on twitter!

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