(how many people are you?)

lane becker, who is a part of the team over at a cool startup called Get Satisfaction, wrote this astute observation about online and offline life:

“here’s my problem with most social systems: i am forced into the realization that, like the man says, i contain multitudes. or, at least a good number of mes. i am the person i am @ work versus the person i am @ home. the person i am @ a party versus the person i am @ a conference. the person i am in the morning versus the person i am @ night. i am a hell of a lot of different people, depending on time, depending on context, depending on mood, depending on expectation, and i switch between these constantly. but here’s the kicker: i usually *don’t have to think about it*.

we are all many people, and we have many faces, and we present them to the world @ the right times in every context — except online, where we either are expected to be just one person, or are expected to “manage” who we are in relationship to other people in a clunky, boxy, one size fits all kind of way. so bizarre that the same place that allows so much of us out into the world in so many respects, that allows for such a dynamic presentation of self in general, in this one more socially explicit context we utterly obliterate our nuanced sense of being.”

so my question to you is this:

how many Yous are there?

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