How To Cook a Rib Eye

Grill your heart out. Drop the steaks on and keep a watchful eye. While this cut is easy to cook, it is also marbled and can easily catch on fire. If it happens, don't fret, just turn in over and give it a nice whack with the utensil of your choice. This should extinguish any flames that might be present. From here you need to basically choose your grilling time depending on taste. There is a simple method for determining the 'doneness' of your steak. Holding your less dexterous hand out in front of you and pull your index finger in; take the index finger of you dominant hand and poke the meaty part of your thumb (leftmost part of the palm of your hand); this indicates a rare piece of meat and should be somewhat spongy. Cycling through the fingers gives you a somewhat safe measure of 'doneness'. The middle finger turned in is considered medium-rare, ring finger done, and the pinkie equals well-done.

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One of the best meat doneness tips I’ve ever seen.

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