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i cleared my google reader yesterday and did it without hitting “mark all as read” and showed you proof of that here.

if you’re wondering when a good time to clean up your online life is, a holiday weekend is that time.

a few of you asked me some questions, so here are my answers.

Oh no…who gets sentenced to purgatory? HBee Homepage

the purgatory section of my reader is for blogs i add that need some time for me to get a feel for. almost exclusively personal blogs, they’re in purgatory until i find myself seeking them out in that folder because i want to know what’s going on with them.

also blogs i’m subscribed to that i find myself skimming. the fastest way to purgatory is to write long posts. or exclusively “life-happenings” posts.

How do you decide which category to put a blog if it could potentially be in more than one? Angela Homepage

most blogs are in more than one. 99% of the non-topic blogs are in their respective locational folder, which thanks to some of you more cryptic writers took some digging. then everyone falls into one of the top ‘frequency’ categories (always, weekly, etc).

btw the ‘frequency’ categories was an idea from problogger darren rowse that i’ve found extremely useful.

the finance stuff and the picture feeds and the twitter search feeds are just in their respective folders.

To add to the questions: How many blogs are you subscribed to? How do you have time to read them all? (side note: how much time per day do you spend reading?) I only ask cause I’m impressed. DrKt Homepage

i honestly thought it was more, but i have about 175 feeds right now. that’s after some trimming earlier this week. sometime earlier this year i realized i was overwhelming myself and i dropped a bunch, and ever since i’ve tried to hold to a “one in, one out” policy.

the reading can get tough. i read very fast, both for my job and for my online stuff, and i do it in little bursts. first thing in the morning with coffee and while i’m watching tv are probably the two most feed-filled times for me. i also read from my phone when i’m mobile on a bus, train, waiting in line for stuff. i probably spend an hour or two a day reading.

to give this some perspective and show you something that reshaped how i read and what i read: robert scoble, one of the worlds most networked humans, explains how he reads 600+ feeds every day. (update: viddler sucks and won’t embed below so use that link)

i think it’s important to take what he said there and lay it onto a much less ‘importance-focused’ approach to online content.

for me, it’s all about who i’m really digging and interested in…they get priority and a focused read. great pics and again short posts get a full read. they go into the “always” folder.

and the ‘always’ folder is where it’s at!

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