(i miss you, chalise)

i suppose it doesn’t surprise anyone that i miss chalise.

the neighborhood’s less shiny without her, and chicago just won’t be the same.

my cousin came to the lake this year with a bit of a conviction that chalise and i were meant to be together…a conviction i’m sure some of you share, and a thought we’ve both heard before. i do love the girl, and when i write about people i love i tend to get into it, so i’m not surprised that it might seem like i’m just ignoring something deeper.

and i would really never say that the two of us couldn’t end up together, but if you know me well that’s probably partly just the way i am about things, and partly a nod to the fact that i really, truly, unselfishly love that little nutcase like she’s family. love doesn’t assume compatibility…in fact the two have a hard time co-existing, in my experience.

but i do know that up to this point we’ve been who we are to one another, and would never give that up for anything we weren’t to one another. over the last two years, finally within walking distance and living closer than we even did during our entire childhood, we’ve (as she put it at her going away party), “become besties all over again“.

we both fought through incredibly painful break-ups and listened to one another ramble on about how confused we were. we got drunk on nights when we really shouldn’t have, because one of us needed to. we leaned on one another, and we talked and talked and talked and we changed together and it made us closer.

and somehow she ended up in california, where i was before all this.

i miss you girl.


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