I Should Be Writing, Or Not

There’s this thing that writers fret about and it’s mostly the moments they spend not writing.

There are those of you who blog and some of you even write for a paycheck, primary or not, and to all of you…I think taking a step back from the idea that you should be writing is one of the healthiest things you can do. Got any guilt about how often you write? Carrying around any stress about the pace at which you produce or the kind of attention you give your writing?

I say be done with that.

I know that’s easier said than done, but a few years back I decided to literally start ignoring all the expectations I had about writing. I decided to write when I felt like writing or made time to write or found myself writing. Yes…sometimes I find myself writing and when I do I just try to keep at it until the inspiration passes.

I also know that professional writers have a bit of a different relationship with their pens and keyboards but I still think it’s the ones that get used to the idea that the entire world is providing them with shit to write about…especially their role in that world, with all the lumps and bumps and downtime and procrastination and whatnot…those writers can really take the moments they have to write and crank out great stuff.

In the past putting writing on the to-do list was exactly what stressed me out about writing.

Don’t shift your life around to make room for writing.

Just make sure that when you are writing, you’re doing it with everything you’ve got.

Again, if you’re participating in #reverb10 go ahead and drop me your links, and if you’re not…

Do you worry about the space you give your writing or hobbies?

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