as you may remember, i was witty enough to win a blog tagline contest over at ex-everything. i suggested her tagline be “The Ex to Your Why” and her readers picked that as their favorite.

but i’d forgotten there was a prize involved!

i just got home to find a package in my mailbox from Ex, which included this $25 gift card and A STOCKING CAP SHE MADE FOR ME!

fucking awesome, right?

i don’t look sick in this picture, do i? well…i’m fighting hard, and the stocking hat is still on my head fighting it with me.

so while we’re skipping through blogdom, i thought i’d share the chicago blogger meetup pictures i’ve got, with a disclaimer: we were talking so damn much i only took a few photos.

here’s pbrazz, tokissthecook, and nilsa.
nilsa can smell cameras pointed at her…i challenge you to get her looking away.

myself and cheryl.
or me trying to look down cheryl’s shirt.

jenn and angela.

apparently their meetup was in the 1920’s.

so…what are you gonna take a picture of this weekend?

oh…i forgot to mention that i didn’t put up the pics i have with big time fancy in them, cuz she’s rather anonymous online.

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