(i’m going to go drive)

i’m about to hit the pavement, but wanted to assure you that you won’t be getting a week off from me. oh…you wanted a week off from me? well, you’re going to just have to make that happen yourself, kiddo. flip that macbook closed and go outside.

i have one of those moments this morning when you’re being very friendly to someone and their cold look and matter-of-fact-ish response looks to you like sarcasm which is putting a bigger smile on your face until you realize that no…actually this person is really being a total dickhead to your big, smiling, friendly self.

i pulled a quick about face and was a dick right back, of course, and figured he was just pissed he’s not about to take a 1000 mile road trip with music that his faithful blog readers recommended.

it would totally suck to not be doing that, so i understand his position.

it didn’t ruin my generally good (albeit entirely stressed) mood.

i left this post for last…i’m going to close my macbook (practice what you preach, people), drag my bags down to the car, come back up to get the puppy, and i’m OUT.

i’ll talk to you when i get to new york, mkay?

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