(invite them all)

as an avid blog reader i’ve come to care about certain people around the world that i have never met, may never meet, and quite honestly, may not exist. these people are people i respect. people i find intriguing. people i want to drink coffee with, people i want to impress, people i think are crazy, and people i want to make out with. people i’d buy a beer.

if you’re thinking it’s weird that i’d do any of those things with people i’ve never met in person, i’ll remind you of two things;

a) i once flew to california, picked up a mini-van and drove it to chicago for a guy i first met once i’d arrived in chicago, and

b) the aforementioned people might not exist…so all those expressed feelings are feelings in effect directed at pixels, jpegs, and bitmaps…

so it is weird.

take a moment to congratulate yourself for being right.

that being said, i have things on my mind that are things related to these people (er, pixels), much like you have things on your agenda.

maybe you have to take your parents out to eat, like brady does tomorrow. maybe you have to move, like pb&razz.

maybe you have a wedding to plan for.

i have those things too. lord do i.

but i also contemplate these pixelated rockstars. i think about the fact that i owe The Ex a postcard. i worry about Tink’s internal battles.

and i feel like any member of 20somethingbloggers has passed some social screening that makes them someone i’d go out of my way to meet. i would throw a party and invite them all.

i would throw a party and invite all of you.

i would throw a party in the afternoon sun on the strip of division street between ashland and damen and you’d come with your friends and your lovers and your sunglasses.

you could drink hess or stag’s leap vino, local microbrews or the liquor you showed up with.

you would dine on chicago-style dawgs and burgers, bar-b-que’d ribs, or veggie bites.

the scotch selection would impress james bond.

we’d play cornhole and chess and beirut.

we’d talk blogger platforms and geek news.

we’d share reading lists and reader feedback.

a band would play until the sun set and it’d be funky mellow stuff to allow for conversation and when the sun went down a rock band would take over to really get the party started. most of us would enjoy the bands and some of us wouldn’t, but we’d all probably blog about it.

we’d become quick friends, just like we are now.

i would.
i would throw a party and invite you all.

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