(iz in yur face featuring mee!)

so, in a typical demonstration of my oblivious nature, i was picked as this week’s featured blogger over at 20something bloggers. yeah, that’s me, and i’m honored!

you can hit up my profile here.

along those same social networking lines, yesterday or the day before i turned a corner as to my perception of twitter, and subsequently sent out invitations to people in my online or offline life who aren’t on it.

i’m @dblogged on that thing, so please find me if i didn’t email you or haven’t found you yet.

some fun people, entities to follow on twitter:

snoop dogg
chicago weather

oh and some regular d-blogged characters who signed up when i asked them yesterday:
still waiting on you other stragglers (band members! take note!).

also twitterfun: ways to visualize twitter.

i know my non-blogging, internet-wary friends think i’m nuts, but the fact is, you’ve got a friend that’s me that’s very web 2.0 networked and plugging into some of the simplist of these tools makes it easier to not only find me, but share in the things i think are really cool or interesting.

it’s not like i’m making you blog every day.

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