Joining Exer

I’m excited to announce that I’m joining Exer Labs, a Denver startup using edge-based AI and computer vision to power a motion coaching platform that makes all kinds of workout and wellness experiences better without requiring extra hardware. 

I first got a look at what Zaw, Sean and Clint were were working on last summer, just after the team consolidated in Denver with Zaw and Sean moving here from SF. Over a glass of wine at a dive bar in Wash Park, Zaw showed me some crazy sh*t they could do with the iPhone’s camera. Exer’s AI was accurately identifying specific human body points, and it was learning how to understand exactly which movement someone was doing and whether it was being done correctly. 

The applications for this across fitness and health are broad and really exciting, so the team was just beginning to build apps that would demonstrate its power. 

Perfect Plank

Perfect Plank, powered by Exer AI

The first was a mobile app called Perfect Plank, which tracks your isometric planks and gives you form correction in real time. It’s like having a strength coach in your home with you during a plank. 

This link will add you to my Exer Friends Team, ranking your daily, weekly, and all-time best plank times against the group.


Exer Studio

The next app is Studio, which is a companion for video streamed workout sessions. In today’s new normal, most of us are primarily working out from home — this app enhances that experience.

Studio adds an Orange Theory-style power zone and a Peloton-style leaderboard to remote workouts, which lets you compete against others (and yourself) while working out at home — with no hardware required.

We’re launching Studio this week — and if you subscribe to our Product Hunt Upcoming list we’ll invite you to our exclusive first-look demo workouts (and give you a free Exer t-shirt if you attend!). 

Join us!

I’ll be heading up growth and marketing at Exer, which is no small task considering our app constellation and multi-channel business model, which means I’ll need help!

If you or someone you know is a hungry, hands on marketer interested in helping us achieve our mission, check out our job postings and/or I’d love to chat directly. You can hit me up on Twitter (DMs open) or shoot me an email.

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