(js-kit, js-kiss my @ss)

i’m really, really frustrated with the internet right now.

mainly it’s due to js-kit and their transition of haloscan commenting to their own system. for whatever goddamn reason i can’t see my comments at work, and i can’t get js-kit’s website to load at work, and i can’t figure out why, even though i’m pretty tech savvy.

which means it’s probably something stupid.*

it works from home, and as such i’ve just now been able to see my own blog comments for the last three days.

and to be honest i’m not happy with js-kit even when it’s working…the login issues are a pain in the ass and the moderation dashboard for their haloscan users is bland and thin and the whole thing just sucks.

i know it freaked some people out, but i also know anyone using haloscan has had their blog comments moved to js-kit, so it’s not me in particular.

let me know your experience, though, because i’ve had all of five minutes with this system and i have to go right now, and trying to reply to one of the comments on the last post turned into a sign-up/identify yourself clusterfuck and i’m hoping you guys aren’t having to go through that.

is it horrible?

*it’s not a firewall, cache, browser, operating system thing.

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