(lake luzerne)

in ten days i’ll be headed across the country into the adirondak mountains for about nine days of rest and relaxation. for what’s probably approaching a hundred years, my extended family has gathered in upstate new york at a little hide-a-way lake community called lake luzerne, where we have gradually expanded from one main cottage.

my mom and her five siblings spent their summers in this rickety old red cabin about a hundred yards off the lake’s edge, sailing dingy sailboats, taking swimming lessons, and challenging one another at badmitton. they grew up in queens, new york, so the respite from their city life caused a serious affection for luzerne, and brought each of them back year after year as they had children and moved away from new york city.

my family, living in the midwest, was always the furthest from the lake, and every year we’d make the 1000 mile drive up there to see my thirty cousins and spend a week running around barefoot, chomping on candy, and yelling at one another underneath a canopy of hundred foot tall pine trees.

thunderstorms were terrifying. beach days were fantastic.

every year we had a badmitton tournament. every year we’d all complain about being bored. we’d ask when we’d get a tv up there so we could watch beverly hills 90210.

now we’re all adults, and some of us have children. some of us own our own places, and all of us are immeasurably grateful for the relationships we have throughout our family…i could tell you the happenings of every one of my thirty-odd cousins and i love them all dearly. some of them are married and i know all of their spouses and significant others.

for a group from all over the world to descend on a small little town to annually reunite with family these days is a rarity.

i really do feel so lucky.

this year will be branner’s and shiloh’s (my sister’s new pup) first year up at the lake, during which i’ll be teaching them how to swim and not run away. this year, brady may join us for his first year up there too.

i. can. not. wait.

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