(little dog on back)

i’ve learned a few things over the past few days and weeks.

there’s stretches in which you only seem to hear bad news. there’s stretches when you only seem to hear good news.

it’s important to treat both with a level head, and to give people in your life the attention and support they deserve, even when things are kicking ass.

it’s harder to convey love when things get hairy.

there’s lots of downtime between the experiences and decisions that really shape your life in major ways.

usually those big, important times don’t knock before they come in, don’t wipe their feet, and sure as fuck don’t care whether or not they got an invitation.

i have learned that as of late i’ve been frustrated with the pace of my life. i’ve felt like a hamster on a spinning wheel for a few months, and finally feel like that wheel’s hit the ground.

it’s a nice feeling.

but it’s a lot more work than running in place.


and puppies loooooove to be petted.

but the phrase ‘don’t bit the hand that feeds you’ is laughable in puppyspeak.

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