(lolla recap photo essay)

lollapalooza is a delicious sandwich.
it’s a lot of music wrapped up in pavement and steel, with the works.
the works are floral gardens, spicy people, and microbrews.
it’s a three day metamorphosis of a section of the city that’s usually covered in tourists with fanny packs and traders with pink ties.
for three days, you’d have to be a group of asian women who look like hotel cleaning ladies
dressed in full-bodied spandex jumpsuits
and flower-petal trims
belting out electric power-pop rock
just to stand out.

feathered earrings and a leapard-print vests work too.

i ran around with my girl c-love all weekend:

c-love only shows up in chicago when there’s a reason to show up;
lolla and st. patty’s day.

clayco came in from the bay area,

and becks took some time away from her summer job to wander lolla land,
becks summer job is manning a pushcart in wicker park
selling gelato,
so lolla was just time away from the best job in chicago.
best time in chicago.
that’s one of the founders of thefullextension.com
after quite a few full extensions.

i said it before but girl talk was just an amazing show
with unrivaled energy
except maybe the energy for rage against the machine

which had so much energy that zack de la rocha kept interupting his own set

to recite warnings from our city’s public transportation authority:

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