(love and champagne)

in two minutes i need to get some sleep because tomorrow i’m heading to the wisconsin dells with ten other people for a little vacation.

you know what a dell is?

it’s a natural cove of sorts on a river.

that’s your monday morning knowledge for you.

in my last post i told you that one of my oldest, best friends got engaged on christmas eve.

two days later, on friday, jay asked his wonderful girlfriend katie to marry him and after he’d asked her five times she finally believed him and said of course.

he said laughing and crying was involved, and since the two of them will be joining us in wisconsin this weekend we bought some extra champagne because it tastes better with love in the room.

you can even buy the cheap stuff because it tastes like veuve when there’s enough love in the room.

there is a section on the side of my blog in which i give you some of the names of my close friends so that you’ll have an idea of who i’m talking about. jay is one of those names. go look.


well the list of fellas he’s included in is our little band of brothers and that’s the crew headed to wisconsin tomorrow, along with the respective awesome ladies whom my fellas are fortunate enough to call significant others.

i’ll be bringing my teddy bear.

bedtime for d.

how was your christmas?

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