(makes you stronger)

last week when i met up with jenn for her little birthday get-together, pretty much all was normal in the d-world.

i happily got to meet a handful of local bloggers and wish jenn a happy birthday and i’d scored a goal in my earlier soccer game.

and then i woke up the next day to a fractured neck bone, the apparently aftermath of a relatively non-catastrophic collision, and an injury i still don’t fully understand.

the next day my car gave out, overheating in the 98 degree humidity after a veritable tornado of bad mechanical luck having something to do with water hoses and fans and valves and about $2500 of money i really don’t need to be putting into my car right now.

then, after i’d decided that my friday night was going to be spent inside, on the couch, shielded away from the horrors of the world, my puppy had a wet dream all over me and that couch.

which he followed up this morning at 5am with a ridiculous display of diarrhea that i can’t even talk about, it was so disgusting.

but you know what?

f*ck it.

it’s all upside from here.

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