(making plans)

if this email chain that’s lasted all day between us doesn’t convince you that you want to be our friends, i’m not sure what will.

Wibs: Anyone have plans yet? I know frazzle is out until later.

Kizzle: I aint’t got no plans.

Braden: I am suddenly free tonight. I have my company holiday party tonight – but the girlfriend is puking so that is canceled. And since she is sick and I am getting over a cold…long story short, I have no plans tonight.

Wibs: Sucks you are missing your party. Sucks she is sick. Sucks us 3 dudes have no plans.

Kizzle: I never said I didn’t have plans. I said I ain’t got no plans, which clearly means I have plans. Its a double negative. The ain’t cancels out the no which means the sentence should read, I got plans. But in reality I don’t have plans.

Braden: This sounds like a great night to use our Free hours of Bowling!

Wibs: Do we have to wait for Frazzle to get back? I would be willing to head down south since that is where everyone now lives. Just let me know.

D (me): i feel like we should giving our fans a heads up when we might possibly get together for a mini-show. they deserve better. The Screaming Knuckleheads* have some of the best fans in the world and we treat them like second class citizens. i’m just sayin.

Kizzle: I say we wait until Frazzle gets back to use the free bowling, although I think I bowled the strikes that got 2 hours of free bowling. I am up for anything thats not too crazy.

Braden: When is Frazzle gonna be around? What else could we do in the meantime?

Wibs: A little late morning entertainment: http://chrisdaneowens.com/video/shine_flash.html

Braden: Cant believe you found a video of YOUR BOY, Wibs!

Jigglin: I know what I want my hair to be like now.

D: so for those of us who ain’t got no plans we’ll see you later in the weekend but for everyone who doesn’t have plans maybe we should put something together until frazzle shows up.

Kizzle: Nice double negative!

Wibs: This is the only vehicle fit to carry the screaming knuckleheads: http://www.mydogscrap.com/ninjahauler.cfm

D: we are really, really not good at not making plans. the double negative doesn’t work with sarcasm! a discovery! too many layers!

Braden: Okay this is what we used to do when we were little – everyone has to eliminate one until we find a plan:

Have drinks at someone’s house:

  • Braden’s
  • Wib’s
  • Kizzle’s

Go to a bar:

  • Rock’s
  • Cody’s
  • Pint
  • Mulligan’s (darts)

Other options:

  • Bowling
  • Go Karts
  • Paintball
  • Gambling Boats

Kizzle: Everyone is more than welcome to come over to my place. I have probably 25-30 beers, vodka and jack.

Couple other options:

  • Late night pitch and putt.
  • We go to the livestock auction and cruise the 4-H babes.
  • Throw stuff off a bridge.

Wibs: If there is a late night pitch and putt I’m in.

If not I’m going to Kizzle’s house after work where I will proceed to drink 6-8 of his 25-30 beers. Then I’ll either, go to a bar, go roll, or go throw pumpkins full of flaming alcohol off my porch. Then I will go get late night thai food, eat it, check on my fantasy team, watch some tube, fall asleep on the couch while watching tube, wake up at 4:30am in near hypothermic conditions (our thermostat is jacked up) to the awesome “acting” of some classic “film” worthy of the 4am time slot on cinemax, crawl in bed, sleep until 10:30, wake up, repeat.

Braden: 10 bucks says Wibs is in Black Out Form by 10:27pm tonight.

D: based on past experience wibs will black out before he even comes out if we let him go home, so we should make after work plans for him. and late night pitch and putt, if it exists, will quickly replace bowling as our current obsession. if it doesn’t exist i see a business opportunity.

Wibs: My after work plan is kizzle’s joint, no going home since it’s so close to work.

D: i think we have a plan. first email from wibs at 9:27am, and i believe we’re all headed to to kizzle’s now at 2:07pm. considering some of us finish work just after 3pm i’d say we’re in just under the wire. well done.

*again, TSK is what i’ll be calling my core group of guy friends on this blog. it used to be ‘the band’ until we actually named ‘the band’. at some point i’ll stop explaining this.

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