(me a meathead)

when i go to the gym it’s usually at night, in the 7 o’clock range, after i’ve walked branner, squirted him with water for looking like he’d considered putting his teeth anywhere near my macbook, snacked a bit, and changed out of work clothes.

definitely not in that order.

the gym i work out in resides in the building that the real world cast lived in when the show was filmed in chicago.

this is the reason i joined it, obviously, thinking that one or two of those hot little emotional atom bombs might still be lurking around in the basement or something.

having found no real worlders in the year or so i’ve been a member, i’ve also unfortunately not come across any hotty boom botties working out alongside me.

my neighborhood, as some of you know, is a pretty artsy-fartsy kind of neighborhood, with a strong hipster and punk crowd that add a lot of the area’s flavor to a city that’s quickly becoming one big JP Morgan Chase. it’s a great hood. the women, in my opinion, are nothing to complain about.

at the gym, however, i’ve never been overwhelmed.

let’s be clear…i don’t go to the gym to scope hot chicks. i have never, ever, approached a woman at the gym. that’s not my style.

which brings me to the last few times i’ve gone to the gym, to find a plethora of cuties where once there were none!


it’s perplexing, to say the least, and unsettling too…i’m not used to having eye candy around, and i think i probably look like highschooler on a college campus as a result, dumbfounded at the scenery. i catch myself doing rows with my eye on the elliptical!

i suppose this is kind an attempt at an apology, for ogling, because i know working out isn’t the time when a woman enjoys being stared at. i’m adjusting. i’ll be better soon.

did yoga class get cancelled or something?

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