there was a time when meeting a group of semi-strangers would cause a nervous sweat or a day full of anxiety.

i’d be fine until i started thinking about walking into a room and having to do two things: remember what little i knew about the people there, and “be” the person my blog made me out to be.

after a few meetups, a few chance encounters, and the realization that i’ll never know what kind of person ‘d-blogged’ is to other people, it got easy.

it got effortless.

bloggers are just easy people to meet.

friday we had a meetup that included italian tapas, red wine, sangria, and a lot of talking over a very loud restaurant.

it was a blast.

after a long, long dinner a group of us headed up to a dive bar that promised beer pong and affordable pitchers, and proceeded to act like we’ve all been friends since highschool. if you ignored the nametags i think you’d have been surprised that most of us were new to each other.

i mean.


you nutcases are so fun.

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