(memorial weekend)

i think ya’ll can tell i took a bit of a writing holiday over the holiday weekend…aside from the aesthetic adjustments here i took some time off on the prose front.

my weekend accomplishments included the following:

i ran sixteen miles.
i acquired a bottle of Laphroaig Quarter Cask single malt scotch.
i drank a bit of that scotch. while puffing a cigar. like a grandpa.
branner peed on my bed.
i rearranged my home to give branner more floor space to run on.
and i capped it all off with pizza and a six-pack with chalise and her boy G.

other things happened too.

i missed summercamp, which at times was hard (i found some nice updates on the festival at music for ants…go check ’em). when the flaming lips came on at the bar i was at friday night, i mentally jumped to the festival and felt a longing for the weekend in the woods. having made the right decision for a lot of reasons, all in all i was alright with a long, open weekend in chicago.

this weekend my neighborhood’s having a festival of its own…and if you’re planning on attending you better let me know. i’m hoping to have a bit of an oper house policy this saturday, so please holler if you’ll be nearby.

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