(mixtape instructions)

as most of you know i put out a monthly mixtape called [twenty-nine].

i tried to make it as easy as possible to participate, but i want to make sure that if anyone has questions that i get them answered.

so here’s a little rundown on what to do when i send out the [twenty-nine] email for each new mix.*

1. read my email. i’m hilarious.  sometimes.

2. the list of artists and songs is just there for reference, and to give you a quick way to go explore an artist you like.  the links go to the band’s myspace pages, because nearly every band on earth has a myspace page.

3. above that list of songs/artists are two links.  one link sends you to a different website called mixable, which has an embedded music player containing that month’s mix, so you can check it out and decide you hate it before you buy it (for free).  click that link and listen to the mix.

4. if you like the mix, you can ‘download this mix‘ while you’re still at mixable, using their nifty link up on the right.

5. or, if you miss my webpage, you can come back and click the second link, which will cause a window to pop up asking you to “open” or “save” a file that ends with .zip extension.

6. whether here or at mixable, you’ll want to “save” the .zip file to your computer.

7. upzip the file.  usually you can click the right button on your mouse (on a PC) and “extract all” or “unzip”.  on a Mac you can just double-click the file and the computer should take care of it.  if it’s not that easy, you might need a free, simple unzipping program…leave me a comment and i’ll help you.

8. you’ll then have a folder with all the song files in it, and you can either play them by clicking them, or drag and drop all of them into a music player like iTunes.

9. come back and leave me some feedback!

*sign up for that email by just sending an email to [email protected] with “subscribe” in the subject line.  no message…just the subject.  it’s that easy!

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